Healthy Holidays with Air Purifiers, Fans, and Sanitizers


Healthy Holidays with Air Purifiers, Fans, and Sanitizers

As the holiday season approaches, many of us eagerly anticipate the warmth of family gatherings, delicious feasts, and joyous celebrations. However, these festivities can sometimes bring challenges like smoky kitchens, lingering food odors, increased pet dander, allergens, and the need for improved indoor air quality. Fortunately, there are several items that can make your life easier by improving your home's air quality during this high-traffic season.

Air purifiers, fans, and sanitizers can be your secret weapons in ensuring a healthier and more enjoyable holiday season. These devices aren't just gadgets; they're your allies in minimizing unwanted odors, allergens, and pollutants, promoting better air circulation, and safeguarding your loved ones by keeping your surfaces and gadgets germ-free. Let's explore how these innovative solutions can transform your holiday experience, making it both merry and healthier.

Air Purifiers reduce pet dander.

Air Purifiers Reduce Pet Dander/Allergens, Help Prevent Sickness, and Neutralize Odors.  

With the entire family in one house, dust, dander, and other allergens can get stirred up and sent flying into the air. Having an air purifier in the main room of the house (or even more than one air purifier) can reduce those particles, releasing fresh, clean air. Those family members who are susceptible to allergens will thank you!

Even those without allergies benefit from the pure air. Air purifiers can capture most of virus particles using a True HEPA filter. True HEPA is the only filter that removes up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, which help to prevent sickness. 

Air Purifiers help remove odors.

We all know there are certain holiday foods that taste delicious but have that lingering odor after the feast. An air purifier that is equipped with a coconut carbon pre-filter can help neutralize odors from cooking and keep things smelling fresh all day. 

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Fans Keep Your Air Fresh and Cool 

Things can get a little heated (aside from touchy family topics) when you have the oven/stove going and multiple people in one room. Placing a fan in the kitchen or crowded room can help keep the air cool and fresh. Having constant airflow prevents your home from feeling stuffy and the air feeling stagnant. To give your home a little extra boost of freshness, we recommend a fan that contains an aroma tray, such as the LivePure Oscillating Bladeless Fan with Filter and Aroma Tray. Any little bit of relaxing scent can help ease family tension! 

Fans create airflow to remove smoke particles.

Fans definitely come in handy when Uncle Fred accidentally burns the biscuits (again). Opening a window is an initial instinct, but if it's a little too chilly outside, fans help move the smoky air out and fresh air in. Alongside air purifiers, fans with a coconut carbon filter remove even the tiniest of smoke particles so you don't have that lingering burnt, smoky smell. 

If you have little ones in the house, we highly recommend a bladeless fan. Click here to see all of our kid-friendly fans that do all of the above jobs and more! 

Sanitizers Clean Surfaces Without Using Harsh Chemicals

It's easy to reach for the bleach and other harsh chemicals while cleaning during the holidays. However, there is a safer, even easier, option! Handheld sanitizers can pack a punch on germs when combining UVA and UVC lights. UV light technology can kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and germs on virtually any surface only 10 seconds of exposure! Whether you're in the kitchen or need to clean your phone, the LivePure Portable UV Sanitizer is portable and lightweight making it an easy grab-and-go disinfecting device. It also comes with a stand for hands-free sanitizing! 

Making your home as comfortable as possible for your guests will have them saying you're the host with the most! No matter what brand of air purifier, fan, or sanitizer you purchase, a healthy holiday season is always a happy holiday season.  

Healthy Holidays with Air Purifiers, Fans, and Sanitizers.