Healthy Home New Year Resolutions

LivePure New Year Resolutions Healthy Indoor Air

It’s safe to say that we are all striving for a healthier 2021. In addition to eating better, exercising daily and meditating more, improving our home air quality is also at the top of our resolution list this year. Since we spend most of our time indoors, especially with the continuation of social distancing, home air quality is more important than ever. Improving your home’s air quality can help protect you and your family from harmful airborne pollutants, alleviate allergy symptoms, prevent illnesses and improve sleep quality. 

Purify Indoor Air

Indoor air can be polluted with harmful particles, which can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. An air purifier can help keep the air in your home clean and healthy. Air purifiers work by taking in the air, and cleaning it through a filtration process. Air purifiers featuring a True HEPA filter can remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.03 microns. This includes pet dander, dust and mold spores causing congestion and allergy flares. Read more about True HEPA filtration. 

Alleviate Allergies

The best way to get relief from your allergies is to eliminate the allergens triggering them. While an air purifier will help do this, there are other steps you can take as well. You should vacuum carpets and upholstery regularly. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter for maximum cleaning. Wash your sheets with an allergen removing laundry additives to kill dust mites. Also use hypoallergenic cases for mattresses and pillows to keep dust mites trapped. If you have pets, you should bathe them often to reduce dander. Read more about preventing indoor allergies.

Prevent Illnesses

With the winter comes dry air. Airborne viruses thrive in dry air. Adding moisture to your home’s air with a humidifier can help prevent these illnesses. According to research published in the peer-reviewed journal Plos One, the flu virus is easily spread through the air when humidity is below about 40 or 50 percent, but less likely to be spread when the air is at or above 40 or 50 percent humidity. It is important to monitor your home’s humidity levels. Levels above 60% are too high. Read more about the benefits of humidifiers.

Improve Sleep Quality

A humidifier can also help improve your sleep quality. Ideal humidity levels can help prevent snoring and other factors that interfere with the quality of your sleep. Humid air can also ease cold and flu symptoms, like congestion and coughing, making for a more restful night. An Ultrasonic humidifier is great for those looking for a better night’s sleep. It is quieter than other types of humidifiers and uses a cool mist to add moisture to the air. Read more about Ultrasonic Humidifiers.