Put the "Fresh" in Freshmen Dorms

Thousands of freshmen will be starting college this year, and it's safe to say that having a clean, fresh-smelling dorm won't be at the top of their dorm checklist. But what do you get when you combine a bunch of sweaty young adults, smelly sports bags, and dirty laundry? An odor-filled dorm room, where all the smells can fester and (eventually) become overwhelming. Soon enough friends will say, with plugged noses, that they can't take the malodorous smell anymore and head for the nearest air freshener aisle at the grocery store. However, some aerosol and plug in air fresheners can be harmful to your health, containing cancer-causing chemicals and air pollutants. Instead, put the "fresh" in freshmen dorm with the LivePure CocoCarbon Air Purifying Bags!

These fragrance-free, flexible bags are small enough to fit inside gym bags or shoes and strong enough to slay the stench at its source in closets or laundry rooms. As chemical-free, environmentally friendly alternatives to other fresheners, The CocoCarbon Air Purifying Bags neutralize odors, smoke, pollutants, and allergens in the air using natural coconut carbon. At the same time, the micropores reduce excess moisture by 8 - 12%, leaving the area fresh, dry, and odor-free! To lengthen the life of the bags, simply place them in direct sunlight once a month for at least an hour - much easier than keeping a plant alive! 

So don't strive to win the smelliest dorm room on the floor. Let the CocoCarbon Air Purifying Bags squash the stink!